Offaly (King's)



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  • King's County reverted to County Offaly in 1920.

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Offaly (King's)

  • UF County Offaly
  • UF Co. Offaly
  • UF Uibh Fhaili
  • UF King's County

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Offaly (King's)

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Bloomfield tablet

Two photographs of the Bloomfield tablet in Loughton church

Bloomfield, John Arthur Douglas

Booklet of postcards from Clara.

Booklet of postcards with images from Clara, King's County (County Offaly) printed on them. Five of the original twelve post cards remain.

Lamb Family

Letter from Francis William Lamb to Constance Lamb.

Letter from Francis William Lamb at 24 Leeson Park, Dublin, County Dublin, to his wife Constance Lamb, regarding Woodfield House. Includes a photograph of three women, two children, and a dog seated in a doorway.

Page eleven.

Contains a clipping entitled, "Will of Doctor William Moore" from the Irish Times 1901; four photographs of Maria Blanch Fuller, Sidney Blanch Moore, Charles Bagot, and Samuel Ball and John Bagot; and a letter addressed to Fanny Ann Fuller at her mother's house in Twichenham, Ballycumber, King's County (County Offaly).

Page fifty-seven.

Clipping entitled, "Clara Home to One of World's Most Unique Gardens", and contains a photograph of Keith Lamb and Helen Lamb.

Page five.

Two photographs of Woodfield House and Gurteen Bridge, both near Clara, County Offaly, taken around the year 1930.

Page four.

Watercolour painting of the bog at Woodfield, Clara, County Offaly, from 1928. Below is a photograph of the rockgarden at Woodfield House taken in 1929.

Page one.

Photograph (top) of a map of the lands of Gurteen, Woodfield, and Ballinamentin, created in 1716 for the Fuller family. The original map remains in possession of the Lamb family. Photograph (bottom) of Woodfield House, taken in the year 1900.

Page seven.

Two photographs of Woodfield House from the mid to late twentieth-century.

Page six.

Page bears a brief history of Woodfield House written by Adam Lamb. Below are four photographs of Woodfield House and the Gageborough River on the lands of Woodfield and Gurteen, near Clara, County Offaly.

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