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  • Parsonstown reverted to Birr in 1901.

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Correspondence 4th Earl and Lord Mayo

Letters to the 4th Earl from the Chief Secretary, Lord Mayo, and others about representative peerage elections, including that of the 4th Earl himself.

Parsons, Laurence, 4th Earl of Rosse

Leases of ‘The Myrtle House’, Youghal

Original lease (1604) and 2 non-contemporary copy leases of ‘The Myrtle House’, Youghal, [former home of Sir Walter Ralegh], held by the Parsonses of Parsonstown under a lease from the [1st and Great] Earl of Cork.

Parsons Family, Earls of Rosse

Leases of lands in the manor of Parsonstown, Co. Wexford

c.25 leases of lands in the manor of Parsonstown, Co. Wexford, which reverted to the Parsonses of Parsonstown, King’s County, between 1708 and 1711, [and seems to have been settled by them on a younger son, Piggott Parsons, brother of Sir Laurence Parsons, 3rd Bt, on the failure of whose issue it seems to have reverted to the King’s County Parsonses, only to be used again as an appanage in the mid-19th century]. Some of the lands mentioned are Cullentrough, barony of Gorey; Ballyduff, Mangan,
Killenagh, Howell’s Land and Glascarrig, barony of Ballaghkeen; and parts of the manor of St John’s (Tomnegranoge, Knockmarshal, etc), barony of Bantry. [The documents are in date order and are ready for numbering, or rather re-numbering, as each has an obsolete number written on it.]

Letters and papers of the 4th Earl about Parsonstown/Birr

Letters and papers of the 4th Earl about Parsonstown/Birr: the Castle – his youthful recollections of it, extensions to it 1867-72 [see also M/25], a magazine portrait of his way of life there, 1898, and magazine obituaries of him, 1908; an incident which took place on the road between Banagher and Parsonstown and in which the 4th Earl and his party were stopped and temporarily put in gaol by a drunken R.I.C. man, 1868; the Parsonstown Barracks, 1869, 1899 and N.D.; the Parsonstown Town Commission and Commissioners, 1870 and 1885; admissions to the demesne of privileged locals, 1876-1910; and one of the bridges in the Birr Castle demesne, and the Rivers Brosna and Camcor, 1880 and 1896. The correspondents include Gladstone, W.E. Forster and Lords Strathnairn and Roberts. The sub-section also includes a small account book recording local subscriptions to the Parsonstown Defence Association, the Property Defence Association, the legal fund of the Irish Land Committee, and the Field and Rossmore Testimonials, c.1882.

Parsons, Laurence, 4th Earl of Rosse

Parsonstown Union Outgoing Letter-book

  • IE OH OHS71
  • Item
  • 1849-1853

Copies of outgoing letters from John V. Brown, clerk of Parsonstown Union to various recipients, particularly the Poor Law Commissioners, detailing reliefs and works. Also includes copy outgoing correspondence relating to assisted emigration schemes for inmates of the Parsonstown workhouse during the course of the Great Famine.

Parsonstown (Birr) Poor Law Union

Records of Birr Rural District Council

  • Fonds
  • 1880 - 1925

Birr (Parsonstown) Rural District Council No. 1 -
9 Minute books -
BRDC10/1/1: April 1899 - July 1900
BRDC10/1/2: August 1900 - June 1903
BRDC10/1/3: June 1903 - December 1905
BRDC10/1/4: January 1906 - December 1908
BRDC10/1/5: January 1909 - December 1910
BRDC10/1/6: January 1911 - March 1914
BRDC10/1/7: July 1914 - July 1915
BRDC10/1/8: August 1915 - May 1920
BRDC10/1/9: June 1920 - September 1923

4 Financial Minute Books -
BRDC10/2/1: September 1907 - February 1910
BRDC10/2/2: July 1910 - January 1912
BRDC10/2/3: February 1913 - April 1913 and November 1914 - April 1915 (1 volume).
BRDC10/2/4: April 1914 - October 1914 and July 1918 (1 volume).

1 Register -
BRDC10/3: July 1908 - March 1918, Register of cow keepers, dairy men or purveyors of milk within this district.

1 Declaration -
BRDC10/4: June 1914 - May 1923, Councillors declaration of acceptance of office.

1 General Rental -
BRDC10/5/1: 1915 - 1919, Labourers' cottages general rental.

1 Ledger -
BRDC10/5/2: October 1915 - March 1925, Labourers' cottage repair ledger.

Birr (Parsonstown) Rural District Council No. 2 -
5 Minute Books -
BRDC10/6/1: January 1905 - November 1905
BRDC10/6/2: January 1906 - December 1910
BRDC10/6/3: January 1911 - June 1913
BRDC10/6/4: July 1913 - July 1915
BRDC10/6/5: September 1915 - March 1920

4 Financial Minutes -
BRDC10/7/1: April 1899 - July 1900
BRDC10/7/2: August 1900 - January 1905
BRDC10/7/3: April 1905 - July 1911
BRDC10/7/4: October 1926 - September 1928

1 Declaration -
BRDC10/8: June 1914, Councillors declaration of acceptance of office.

1 Register -
BRDC10/9: 1880 - 1971, Register of mortgages, (also Offaly Board of Health and Offaly County Council).

Parsonstown (Birr) Rural District Council

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