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Politics and government

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  • IE OCL P131/2/2/1/2
  • File
  • 2 January 1872- December 1876
  • Part of Loughton Papers

Letters sent to and sent from Henry Trench, Cangort Park, Roscrea, Tipperary between 1872 and 1876. The letters within this file deal with personal, community and financial issues.

Examples of personal letters include a letter dated 14 August 1873 which arranges for turf to be sent to Loughton for turf Lord Bloomfield's visit; a letter dated 5 July 1873 from Mr. Taylor regarding Mrs. Francis Hastings Toone's will and a letter from John Harden dated 5 August 1873 in regards to staying at Cangort.

Community issues are also present throughout the letters within the file. Examples of such letters include a letter from J.W Waller, Belfield, Shinrone, King's County in which he writes about Shannon drainage; a letter from Mr Bard, Shinrone regarding admitting Mrs St Ledger to the poorhouse and a five copies of a letter from 1875 from Henry Trench, Cangort Park, Roscrea to W.R. Le Fanu, Commissioner of public work regarding the river Shannon and a memorandum from Henry Trench to W. Harden.

The file also deals with financial issues. Examples include a 1876 a letter from the Grattan monument committee stating that Henry did not pay his subscription and a letter dated 4 January 1876 from Theo Ryan, 7 Leeson Park, Dublin asking for rent

Commission of the Peace for William Thomas Trench

  • IE OCL P23
  • Fonds
  • 1882

Deed appointing William Thomas Trench, of Loughton, Moneygall, King's County, a commissioner of the peace. Signed by R. W. A Holmes, Clerk of the Crown and Hanaper.

Trench, William Thomas

Grand Jury Presentments Lent Assizes 1899

  • IE OH OHS82
  • Collection
  • 1899

Two volumes, containing abstracts of presentments granted and queries respited and discharged at the Lent Assizes, 28 February to 8 March 1899, the final meeting of the Grand Jury for the discharge of fiscal business, the county councils having been established under the Local Government Act of 1898. One volume with fine leather binding contains a full colour county council map, backed on linen, showing the county electoral divisions, district electoral divisions, the rural and urban districts and union boundaries.

Second volume is a poor copy of first, without map.

King's County Grand Jury

Grand Jury Presentments Summer Assizes 1893

  • IE OH OHS53
  • Item
  • 1893

Bound volume containing book stamp of the Grand Jury Secretary's Office, Parsonstown (Birr), containing an abstract of presentments granted and queries respited and discharged at the Summer Assizes, 1893. Thomas Mitchell of Birr is listed as the grand jury's secretary.

King's County Grand Jury

Letterbook 1927

Copies of approximately 1000 outgoing letters, averaging 1 per page. Good legibility.
Includes letter to the Ministry of Finance, Dublin: 'Dail Eireann 1919-1920. James O'Brien, Walsh Island, Geashill £5, Thomas Wyer Ballykeane, Geashill £5, Patrick Foy, Tubberdaly, Edenderry £1. The above subscribers have asked me to write to you with reference to their subscription to the above. Please let me know when paying orders will be issued.' (27 May 1927)

Patents and letters concerning the appointment of the 5th Earl Lieutenant and Custos rotulorum of King’s County

Patents appointing the 5th Earl Lieutenant and Custos rotulorum of King’s County in succession to his late father,
including two letters from [the Lord Lieutenant], Lord Aberdeen, on the subject (one of them making unsubtle reference to the necessity for the 5th Earl’s committing himself to political support of the government of the day), letters to the 5th Earl giving confidential opinions as to the suitability of various people for appointment as J.P.s, and a tradesman’s account for supplying a Lieutenant’s flag for Birr Castle. [Not in chronological order.]

Parsons, William, 5th Earl of Rosse

Presentment Books (Rolleston)

Presentment or 'Jobs' books belonging to James Franck Rolleston, Franckfort Castle, Dunkerrin, King's County. Complete for the years 1830 -1868, except for 1863, 1864 and 1865.

Rolleston, James Franck

Records of Birr Rural District Council

  • Fonds
  • 1880 - 1925

Birr (Parsonstown) Rural District Council No. 1 -
9 Minute books -
BRDC10/1/1: April 1899 - July 1900
BRDC10/1/2: August 1900 - June 1903
BRDC10/1/3: June 1903 - December 1905
BRDC10/1/4: January 1906 - December 1908
BRDC10/1/5: January 1909 - December 1910
BRDC10/1/6: January 1911 - March 1914
BRDC10/1/7: July 1914 - July 1915
BRDC10/1/8: August 1915 - May 1920
BRDC10/1/9: June 1920 - September 1923

4 Financial Minute Books -
BRDC10/2/1: September 1907 - February 1910
BRDC10/2/2: July 1910 - January 1912
BRDC10/2/3: February 1913 - April 1913 and November 1914 - April 1915 (1 volume).
BRDC10/2/4: April 1914 - October 1914 and July 1918 (1 volume).

1 Register -
BRDC10/3: July 1908 - March 1918, Register of cow keepers, dairy men or purveyors of milk within this district.

1 Declaration -
BRDC10/4: June 1914 - May 1923, Councillors declaration of acceptance of office.

1 General Rental -
BRDC10/5/1: 1915 - 1919, Labourers' cottages general rental.

1 Ledger -
BRDC10/5/2: October 1915 - March 1925, Labourers' cottage repair ledger.

Birr (Parsonstown) Rural District Council No. 2 -
5 Minute Books -
BRDC10/6/1: January 1905 - November 1905
BRDC10/6/2: January 1906 - December 1910
BRDC10/6/3: January 1911 - June 1913
BRDC10/6/4: July 1913 - July 1915
BRDC10/6/5: September 1915 - March 1920

4 Financial Minutes -
BRDC10/7/1: April 1899 - July 1900
BRDC10/7/2: August 1900 - January 1905
BRDC10/7/3: April 1905 - July 1911
BRDC10/7/4: October 1926 - September 1928

1 Declaration -
BRDC10/8: June 1914, Councillors declaration of acceptance of office.

1 Register -
BRDC10/9: 1880 - 1971, Register of mortgages, (also Offaly Board of Health and Offaly County Council).

Parsonstown (Birr) Rural District Council

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