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  • IE OCL P131/2/3/2/6
  • File
  • 1 January 1890-7 April 1899
  • Part of Loughton Papers

File of diaries written by Dora Trench which chart the last nine years of her life.

These diaries record the birth of her two daughters. Her eldest daughter Sheelah Trench was born on the 28 May ' 9 am Baby born. Eddie came at 11 p.m yesterday, & staid (sic) here all night also Blanche. Sent for Dr. Brodi about 12 p.m he came straight away again. He came again at 6 a.m & staid (sic) till 10 or 11. Chloroform from 6 till 9, took 2 oz.' The birth of her youngest daughter was recorded in Dora's diary by her husband Benjamin as she was preoccupied.17 Jul 1891 '...6.50 am baby girl born'

Her diary also records the sudden decline in her health and her eventual death in 1899. On the 27 March 1899 Dora writes about her final day before her asthma took hold, 'Shopped in [Brougham] & went to tea with Georgie walked home. Sheelah in with cold. Muriel to tea. Very mild, dull, showery. Thora went to 2nd dancing lesson.' Her death on the 7 April 1899 was recorded by Benjamin Bloomfield Trench who simply writes, 'My darling wife breathed her last at [Glebelands]. '

Diaries 1868-1879.

  • IE OCL P131/2/3/2/1
  • File
  • November 1868-31 December 1879
  • Part of Loughton Papers

Four diaries belonging to Dora Turnor.

Within the diaries Dora discusses her childhood and her activities with her siblings. On 12 January 1871 she writes 'Did lessons till half past 11, then went out with miss Maclean & Bert, we went down to the farm pond. I watched, Bert & Mr Ash skating. Bert skates alone now, & can go all round, the place that is swept without a tumble, of course she goes very slowly, then Miss Maclean & I walked down to the Brickyard, then came back, I walked home with Freddie & Bert (Mr Ash, never comes up to lunch, he always takes [the buns in his jacket]). After lunch, sat in the schoolroom with Miss Maclean , working till 4, then did lessons, till half past 6, Bert did not come in till a quarter to 5 so, she had not finished her lessons till7. From half past 6 till 7, I had a game of. G.B, G, with Freddie, in [Solie's] bedroom, she was then also , nursing Hugh. Had tea at 7 & from half past 7 till half past 8 sat in the schoolroom working, & the last 20 minutes writing my journal. Fine ? last night, Edie, Freddie, Charlie, Bertha, Mr Ash, were all skating this afternoon. Bert, Freddie & Charlie, all tumbling about, & going very slowly, Edie went a little further than they did , & did not have any falls. [Grose, ?] went to Grantham (they started about 12, & were back about half past four)...'.

Dora also frankly discusses her struggle with asthma and her frustrations with the impact it has on her life. On the 22 August 1871 she records the everyday impact of her illness. ,' Got a cold & asthma did not go out of my bedroom till Friday August 25th then went into Mama's bedroom. I also went into Mamas bedroom on the 26th. There is a nice little cat stairs which I cuddle all day.' By 1875 Dora grew increasingly frustrated with her struggle with asthma and chronicles this frustration. ' Oh this bitter, bitter life, how hard it is to bear! Feeling always ill, & unable to do much, being alone nearly all day, having nobody to talk to, & nothing to do except knit, seeing everybody going for nice drives & long walks by the sea. Being told, they have come here on purpose for me, & that it was such of expense, & bored Papa, & kept Bertha away from her hunting. I should been much happier alone with Miss E, & not half so much alone, as Bert is always taking her for long walks...'

Dora diaries.

  • IE OCL P131/2/3/2
  • Subseries
  • November 1868- 7 April 1899
  • Part of Loughton Papers

Diaries and notebooks belonging to Dora Trench née Turnor.
Dora’s diary documents her life at Stoke Rochford Hall, Lincolnshire, and at the family’s London home at Chesham Place, Belgravia, London.
The diaries chronicle her struggles with asthma, her family tragedies, her marriage, her children and her every day life.

Trench, Dora