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Annual Report 1858

First full report submitted by the Trenchs to Lord Digby. Contains a detailed examination of the 'compensation fund' granted by George Wingfield Digby to the leaseholders to indemnify them for the loss of their several leases, which had been illegally granted to them by the previous earl and which the current earl would like to break. Also includes a memorandum describing in great detail, the meeting between Trench and the leaseholders, to discuss the terms of the compensation. Also includes report on the 'mesne' or first-year rates with a full list of the tenants. Also includes 'sundry observations' on the management of the estate 'during the difficult & trying period of our first year of office.' Describes how the 'tenants-at-will' were invited to settle arrears and there was 'a vast amount of dissatisfaction amongst the tenantry.' W. S. Trench describes the discovery of an assassination plot to murder one or other of the Trenchs is underfoot, leading T. W. Trench to travel over the estate accompanied by a policeman and the estate bailiff, with a loaded gun in his hand. Also discusses the commencement of the construction of new labourers cottages; the building of a new estate office adjoining the church; the drainage of the bogs; and a report on emigration from the estate.

Annual Report 1909

Annual report, accounts and rental for the year ending 1909, in which Digby describes the great state of transition in which the estate now finds itself. Reports that income has been received partly in the form of rent and partly in lieu of rent on the amount of the purchase money for the tenants holdings, with interest collected by the Land Commission. Also reports that the purchase transactions in both King's and Queen's Counties were brought to a conclusion with very little friction, the tenant purchasers having paid the installments of interest to the Land Commission in a satisfactory manner. Purchase agreements were lodged with the Estates Commissioners on behalf of all but 16 tenants who refused to enter into an agreement and will continue to pay rent. Also reports that the high red bogs were vested in Trustees appointed by the tenants for the benefit of the tenant purchasers, subject to the reservation of sporting rights by Lord Digby.

Introductory Report 1857

Introductory report submitted by Trench to Lord Digby, following his arrival on the estate on 1 June 1857. He notes that he spent the first three weeks with his son, T. W. Trench, in Tullamore, and assessed the estate on horseback during this period. Report contains a general sketch of the natural features of the estate; the extent of arable pasture, plantations or bog; the issue of rent collection and methods of valuation; and a survey of the woodlands and their ownership. A post script to the report begins on page 48 and contains further commentary on the state and extent of schooling in the area; use of the Union Workhouse; the levels of pauperism and general notes on the cottier class of tenantry. Also includes a list of current leaseholders on the estate.

Trench sketched scenes from life on the estate over the following pages:
Page 6 Sketch of Old Irish Red Deer
Page 10 Sketch of Geashill National School
Page 20 Sketch of Geashill Village
Page 23 Sketch of Derrigunnigan Wood
Page 25 Sketch of Tullamore Road
Page 27 Diagram of bogland to be drained
Page 29 Sketch of Turf Bog Annagharvey depicting two men fighting with sticks.
Page 31 Sketch of Red Deer
Page 33 Sketch of Killeenmore Moors

Trench, William Steuart

Research notes of Keith Lamb.

Research notes of Keith Lamb. Includes material on Fullers Court, Ballitore, County Kildare; The moving Bog at Croghan Hill, County Offaly, in 1821; and Clonony Castle, Clonony, County Offaly.