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OCL P136 Page 10

Silesia tour, Leinster Regiment

  1. 'Selbschutz exhuming their dead. Guttentag June 21'
  2. 'Kalina's staff'
  3. 'Pipers of the Black Watch, Grosstrehlitz'
  4. 'Inter-allied garden party, Grosstrehlitz'

OCL P136 Page 11

Silesia tour, Leinster Regiment

  1. [Untitled. Inter-allied garden-party, Gross Strehlitz/Strzelce Opolskie]
  2. 'Guttentag on a wet day, June 21'
  3. 'Eine Oberschlesicher'
  4. 'Awaiting arrival of General Gratier (121st B.C.A)'

OCL P136 Page 14

Silesia tour, Leinster Regiment

'In the park Kosentin'

  1. [Untitled. Grounds of large building, Koschentin/Koszecin]
  2. [Untitled. View of woodland, Koschentin/Koszecin]
  3. [Untitled. View of path into woodland, Koschentin/Koszecin]
  4. [Untitled. Damaged image]

OCL P136 Page 18

Silesia tour, Leinster Regiment

  1. [Untitled. Soldiers standing in formation]
  2. 'Customs House, Woischnick'
  3. 'Conway, Cpl Egan, Part of No 9 Platoon'
  4. [Untitled. Army vehicle and soldiers on tree-lined avenue outside Customs House, Woischnik/Wozniki ]

OCL P136 Page 19

Silesia tour, Leinster Regiment,

'Woischnik Zollamt'

  1. 'Mounted patrol! Saunders'
  2. 'Capt. Horozkiovicz'
  3. 'Polish officers'
  4. 'International soccer match! Poland .v. France & Ireland. Sgt. O'Connor, C.S.M. Winter'
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