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Lefroy, Sheelah Georgiana Bertha
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  • IE OCL P131/2/2/4/3
  • File
  • 10 April 1918-3 May 1922
  • Part of Loughton Papers

Letters to and from Theodora Trench between 1918 and 1922.
The majority of the letters were sent by Sheelah Trench.The letters cover a wide variety of topics.

One reoccurring theme throughout the letters are Sheelah's concerns over the 'Sinn Feiners' actions in Ireland. A letter dated Easter Sunday 1920 elaborates further, 'We hear that the Moneygall Police Barrack has been burnt down, besides Dunkevin, Ballacymackey and many other. That, and destroying Income Tax and other Government Offices, seems to have been the Sinn Feiners game for Easter Monday'.

Sheelah also includes letters and newspaper clippings that she believes may be of interest to Theodora. One such letter dated 24 February 1920 from Mr Hill, P.O.W Staff, Famagusta Cyprus to Benjamin Bloomfield Trench describes his experience working at a Prisoner of War camp in Cyprus and working alongside Irish soldiers.

Lefroy, Sheelah Georgiana Bertha


  • IE OCL P131/2/2/4/8
  • File
  • 22 January 1948-18 November 1952
  • Part of Loughton Papers

This file contains letters sent to and received by Theodora Trench between 1948 and 1853.
The majority of the letters were sent by Sheelah Lefroy and Buffy [?].

In 1948 Buffy spent time travelling across Africa and sent Theodora letters describing places such as Mount Kenya, Nairobi and Kenya. Buffy also describes her dissatisfaction with the air mail system and her day to day timetable.

Within her letters Sheelah discusses topics such as Theodora's financial problems, hiring a couple to work for her, birthday wishes and foddering.

Lefroy, Sheelah Georgiana Bertha


  • IE OCL P131/2/2/4/9
  • File
  • 17 January 1953-29 December 1957
  • Part of Loughton Papers

Files of letters received by Theodora Trench from 1953 until 1957.

The majority of the letters were sent by Sheelah Lefroy and covered topics such as arranging meetings, her Langlois' health, birthday wishes and Sheelah's attempt to straighten the main road. In 1957 Sheelah discusses her husband's heart attack which eventually led to his death.

The letters in the file include a reference for Mr. Yeats from W. Y Chisholm, Estate office, Athy Street, Carlow; a reference for Alexander Gamage, from C. Howard Bury managing director of the Charleville estate company and a letter from Jacqueline [?] regarding her move to Greece, her new apartment and her child. Other letters within the file include a letter from the Department of Education regarding the appointment of Mrs Harton as temporary school principal and a letter from Derick [?], Falla Street, Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand.

Lefroy, Sheelah Georgiana Bertha

Bank records.

This subseries contains bank records kept by Theodora Trench and Sheelah Lefroy.

Trench, Theodora Caroline

Carriglass Manor, County Longford

Photographs of Carriglass Manor and its surrounding estate. The current Carriglass Manor was built by Thomas Lefroy c.1837. The photographs in the file date from the 1920s and were possibly taken by Sheelah and Langlois Massy Lefroy. The majority of the file are photographs of the exterior of Carriglass Manor. The file also contains photographs of Sheelah and Langlois Massy Lefroy enjoying the grounds of Carriglass Manor.

Lefroy, Sheelah Georgiana Bertha

Castle Howard/ Cronebane

This series relates mainly to Sheelah Lefroy and her husband Langlois Lefroy.

Castle Howard was purchased by Langlois Lefroy circa 1924, who in that year would have been flush with the capital which his wife, Sheelah's marriage settlement, brought to them. . He sold Cronebane in 1954, on inheriting Carrigglas Manor, Longford, Co. Longford, from his elder brother, and died in 1957, when his widow, Sheelah, née Trench, moved back to Loughton to live with her unmarried sister, Thora. The last item in the box is a statement of account for 1957-1958 showing the value of the late Langlois Lefroy's and his wife, Sheelah's, investments under the provisions of her marriage settlement of 1924.

Lefroy, Langlois Massy

Catalogues, inventories and financial records.

This file contains material relating to financial and legal matters.

Examples of records include bank records kept by Theodora Trench and Sheelah Lefroy., valuations and inventories of belongings of the Trench family used for insurance and inheritance purposes and records created in order to secure the marriage of Benjamin Bloomfield Trench and Dora Turnor.

Trench, Theodora Caroline


  • IE OCL P131/2/2
  • Subseries
  • 3 September 1853-14 March 1960
  • Part of Loughton Papers

This subseries contains correspondence belonging to Henry Trench, Benjamin Bloomfield Trench, Dora Trench (née Turnor), Theodora Trench and the extended Trench family. The subseries contains letters sent by Sheelah Trench to Theodora Trench; letters sent to Sheelah have been placed with series 8 along with letters concerning her husband Langlois Lefroy.

The letters within this series cover a wide variety of topics and events. Dora Trench and her daughter Theodora cover mainly personal events of significance such as their travelling and family milestones. Theodora's letters also briefly cover her experience as an ambulance driver during the First World War with the Voluntary Aid Detachment. Benjamin Bloomfield Trench's and Henry Trench's letters concern mostly business topics such as rent collection and trespassing. However they too occasionally touch upon personal topics such as the death of Dora Trench.

Trench, Henry

Loughton Papers

  • IE OCL P131
  • Fonds
  • 1798 - 1976

The Loughton papers are comprised of the records of the successive owners of Loughton, Moneygall, Co. Offaly and of other properties in the surrounding area including one in Co. Tipperary. The families documented within the fonds are the Bloomfields, the Trenches and the Atkinsons. The fonds mainly consists of documents originating from Benjamin Bloomfield Trench, his wife Dora Trench (neé Turnor) and their daughter Theodora Trench. The material dates from 1798 until the 1970s.

Trench, Henry

Poetry and quote journal belonging to Sheelah Trench

Journal belonging to Sheelah Trench. Contained within the journal are a selection of handwritten famous quotes and poetry.
'Are' by Robert Louis Stevenson, To a Sea-Bird Bret Harte, A song to youth by Richard Chenevix Trench, Peace by Henry Vaughan.
Two photographs scotland and stockpole coast by EAC [Eda Campbell], loose photo house.

Lefroy, Sheelah Georgiana Bertha

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