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Leases, papers and a probate related to Clonoghill, barony of Ballybritt

  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • [1741-1989]
  • Parte deThe Rosse Papers

Box of leases of Clonoghill, barony of Ballybritt, on the outskirts of Birr, and adjoining Newbridge, to which some of the leases refer [see Q/84]. Also mentioned are the 2 substantial houses situated in the townland of Clonoghill,
Elmgrove and Syngefield. A number of papers, ending in 1946, relate to the former property. Because of Clonoghill’s proximity to Birr, an unusually high proportion of the leases also include holdings in the town. One interesting component of the box is the probate of a local land surveyor, Maurice Downer, 1786, whose estate included part of the lands of Clonoghill; this will is of interest as giving some indication of the degree of affluence enjoyed by a member of his profession. The box also includes papers relating to the sale of a fee farm grant of Elmgrove Bridge to Offaly County Council in 1989.

Leases of and papers related to premises in or near Main Street, Birr

  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • [1710- 2000]
  • Parte deThe Rosse Papers

Half-box of leases of premises in or near Main Street, also called ‘the street of Birr’ or ‘the town street’. This sub-section also includes papers relating to the sale of fee farm grants of Bowes’ Shop (purchased by Mary McLoughlin)
and Griffin’s Bakery (purchased by John and Arthur Joyce), both on Main Street.

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