Parsonstown (Birr) Workhouse



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  • Also known locally as 'The Gorm'

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Parsonstown (Birr) Workhouse

Terme générique Birr

Parsonstown (Birr) Workhouse

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Parsonstown (Birr) Workhouse

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Parsonstown (Birr) Workhouse

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Parsonstown Union Outgoing Letter-book

  • IE OH OHS71
  • Pièce
  • 1849-1853

Copies of outgoing letters from John V. Brown, clerk of Parsonstown Union to various recipients, particularly the Poor Law Commissioners, detailing reliefs and works. Also includes copy outgoing correspondence relating to assisted emigration schemes for inmates of the Parsonstown workhouse during the course of the Great Famine.

Parsonstown (Birr) Poor Law Union

Memoir by Kathleen Barnwell, Birr

  • IE OCL P31
  • Pièce
  • 1918-1985

Typescript of memoir titled ‘Do You Remember’. Recounts the life in Birr and covers the following subjects: soldiers from Birr returning from World War I (1918), the Treaty (1921), occupation of Free State Troops of ‘The Gorm' (the workhouse) in Birr (1922), burning of Crinkle Barracks (1922) and other reminiscences of life in Birr from 1930s to 1980s.

Barnwell, Kathleen