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Kilcoursey (Bar.)
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Letter from Charlotte Jane Johnston to Constance Lamb.

Letter from Charlotte Jane Johnston at 39 Waterloo Road, Ranelagh, County Dublin, to her granddaughter Constance Plunkett-Johnston. The letter is kept in an envelope addressed to Constance Lamb at Tinamuck, Clara, King's County (County Offaly), from 8 August 1911.

J. & L. F. Goodbody Ltd., Clashawaun Works Factory Regulations

  • IE OCL P24
  • Arquivo
  • 1878 - 1937

Texts of legislation relating to factory conditions and terms of employment.

  1. ‘Textile Factories Factory and Workshop Act, 1878’ signed by R. G. For J. & L. F. Goodbody.

  2. ‘Textile Factory and Workshop Act 1901-1916’, signed by J. & L. F. Goodbody, Ltd., 5 September 1921.

  3. ‘Textile Factories factory and Workshop Acts 1901-1920’ signed by J. & L. F. Goodbody, Ltd., 23 March 1925.

  4. ‘Textile Factory and Workshop Act 1937’, signed by Harold J. Goodbody, August 1937.

J. & L. F. Goodbody Ltd.

Postcards of Clara.

Postcards of Clara, County Offaly, from the early twentieth-century.

Lamb Family

Postcard of Charlestown House, Clara.

Postcard with the image of Charlestown House, Clara, King's County (County Offaly) on the front. On the reverse are scribbles in pencil.

Lamb Family

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