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'Out-goings' 2

Battered folio ledger titled ‘Out-goings, 2 [no sign of ‘1’], recording ‘out-goings’ on sundry people and for sundry purposes (drainage, interest, head rents, game and farm expenses, etc).

'Out-goings' 3

Battered folio ledger, titled ‘Out-goings, 3’, recording ‘out-goings’ on sundry people and for sundry purposes(drainage, interest, head rents, game and farm expenses, etc).

Records of Patrick Moore & Sons, Victuallers

  • IE OCL P1
  • Arquivo
  • 1905 - 1936

This collection is comprised of the records of Patrick Moore & Sons, Victuallers of Edenderry and Rathangan. They were a family business who sold meat to the surrounding towns including Edenderry, Rathangan, Allenwood, Clonbulloge, Enfield, Kinnegad and Rhode. The collection includes ledgers, cash books, stock books, daily order books and van sales books. There are also documents regarding financial accounts such as bank account books, customer account books, bills of account with local traders, Dublin traders and a trader from Manchester. Also includes documents of their accounts with other businesses and legal costs as well as personal family photographs. A note in ledger P1/C/17 from 1923 recounts that Judge Wakely's house, Ballyburly, near Rhode, was 'burned by irregulars' in 1923.

Individuals and businesses that had an account with Patrick Moore & Sons include:
Coopers & Bailey, Central Market London.
H.M. Hawkins, Seifond, Dorchester.
Doctor Hamilton, Edenderry.
E.J.B. Nesbitt, Rutland Gate, London.
E.J.B. Nesbitt, Penton Lodge, Andover.
D. Alesbury.
Civic Guards, Edenderry.
J. Joly, Clonbologue.

Patrick Moore & Sons had accounts with:
William Bros, Edenderry (Grocery Account)
M.J. O'Brien, Edenderry.
William Bros. (Petrol Account)
Offaly County Board of Health and Public Assistance.

Patrick Moore & Sons, Victuallers

Dora Trench food account books.

  • IE OCL P131/5/1/4
  • Ficheiro
  • 16 February 1890- March 1900
  • Parte de Loughton Papers

Four account books belonging to Dora Trench. These books detail food purchases and uses.

Trench, Dora

Theodora Trench's personal cash books.

Personal account books and records kept by Theodora Trench. The account book records her spending from 1907 until 1917.

Trench, Theodora Caroline

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