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J. & L. F. Goodbody Ltd., Clashawaun Works Factory Plans

  • IE OCL P97
  • Arquivo
  • 1960

Four identical floor-plans of Clashawaun Works. Scale 1 inch: 40 ft. Includes numerical key identifying the various areas of the factory.

Size 68cm x 86 cm each.

The floor plan is from the 1960s.

J. & L. F. Goodbody Ltd.

Records of J. & L. F. Goodbody Ltd

  • IE OCL P10
  • Arquivo
  • 1873 - 1972

The collection is comprised of artefacts, plans and drawings of the Clashawaun Works (jute spinning mill) and its machinery. The business records include; material relating to the formation of the limited company in 1888; correspondence with directors and partners; notices of meetings and resolutions adopted; some handwritten minutes and material relating to the formation of the limited company to a public company in 1937.

J. & L. F. Goodbody Ltd.

J. & L. F. Goodbody Ltd., Clashawaun Works Factory Regulations

  • IE OCL P24
  • Arquivo
  • 1878 - 1937

Texts of legislation relating to factory conditions and terms of employment.

  1. ‘Textile Factories Factory and Workshop Act, 1878’ signed by R. G. For J. & L. F. Goodbody.

  2. ‘Textile Factory and Workshop Act 1901-1916’, signed by J. & L. F. Goodbody, Ltd., 5 September 1921.

  3. ‘Textile Factories factory and Workshop Acts 1901-1920’ signed by J. & L. F. Goodbody, Ltd., 23 March 1925.

  4. ‘Textile Factory and Workshop Act 1937’, signed by Harold J. Goodbody, August 1937.

J. & L. F. Goodbody Ltd.

Digby - Glenamoy Estate 1927-1931

Original incoming and copy outgoing correspondence relating to the administration of Glenamoy Estate, Ballina, Co. Mayo under James Boland Esq. Matters referred to include equestrian, hunting and fishing activities; game conservationism and dealings with various conservator groups; poaching; trespassing; employee salaries; transport fees; claims compensation; and the letting the Glenamoy River.

Includes letter from B J Newcombe, Secretary to Salmon Fisheries Protection Association, to Lewis Goodbody: ‘…The rights of all Fishery Owners in the Free State are being tested in the still pending litigation in the Erne and Moy fishery cases. This litigation has been going on for some years at enormous expense, and now the last decision (by Mr Justice Johnson) in favour of the owners has been appealed against.’ (21 May 1929)

Letter from Goodbody to Mr John Mudge: ‘Neary's cases is that he foul hooked this salmon on the 29th October, 4 or 5 pools above the boundary pool. Now, in certain water at least Lord Digby's bank would cover 4 or 5 pools above. When I pointed this out to him, he now says that it was hooked 262 yards above the boundary pool. It was about 6 lbs weight, and he says he had trout rod, and he only got it out 50 or 60 yards below the boundary pool.’ (2 December 1929)

Letter from Lewis Goodbody to Lord Digby: ‘Woodcock shooting in Ireland ends on the 28th February everywhere, but I know that Reggie was of the opinion that it should close at latest by the middle of February. After that the birds were certainly pairing, and nests have been found here early in March. My own impression is that it ought to stop on the 31st January, but at all events they should not be looked for after the first week in February.’ (17 January 1931)

Correspondence Geashill Estate - Felling Notices

Original incoming and copy outgoing correspondence relating to the administration of felling notices and forestry at the Geashill Estate concerning purchase orders issued by J&L Goodbody Manufacturers, Clara to the Digby estate; the supply of 3000 stakes to the Office of Public Works, Tullamore; application for public liability insurance for the felling of trees on Geashill estate; application to the Department of Land under for Felling Licence; orders for timbers for parties including TP Kavanagh, WH Kearon and Benjamin Reid.

Includes letter from the Department of Industry and Commerce: " I am writing to appeal to you and all owner of woods to place substantial quantities of timber on sale at the earliest possible date. It is essential in the national interest that building activity should be resumed on an extensive scale without delay. From time to time during the past six years scarcity of building materials has brought building virtually to a standstill. As a result there are large arrears of housing and other important building work to be made good... Unless an effective start is made at this stage, opportunities may be lost that can never be recaptured. Skilled craftsmen now in Great Britain will not return if work is not found for them immediately. If they drift into regular employment abroad, they may be lost to this country for good. The major obstacle in the way of a large-scale resumption of building activity is the scarcity of timber. As you are aware, the country in the past depended on imported timber for practically all of its building needs. There seems to be no immediate prospect of the resumption of imports on the pre-war scale... What therefore I ask the owners of woodlands to do is to help the Industry to tide over this difficult period. this they can do by offering for sale immediately quantities of timber which they would not normally have put on the market until a later date. It is estimated that 15000 standards of good quality timber will suffice in the coming year to make the position of the industry reasonably secure for the future". (31 July 1945)

Includes letter from Department of Lands: "With reference to your letter dated 20th inst. regarding Lord Digby's Estate, I am to state that Felling Notices must be lodged by or on behalf of the owner of the lands on which the trees stand at the Garda Station nearest the trees. If the Department are prepared to grant a Felling Licence they will grant it to the owner of the lands and the owner will be liable for any replanting condition which may be imposed in the Licence." (27 April 1951).

Includes copy letter to John Dunne: "Referring to previous correspondence herein, and your various suggestions of purchasing Spy Hill Wood, Lord Digby instructs us to tell you that after considering the matter very carefully he has come to the definite policy of not selling any more woods on the Estate for various reasons including certain taxation problems. If he was selling woods he would have given you every consideration" (31 July 1951).

Records of Tullamore Union

  • IE OCL BG158
  • Arquivo
  • 1839 - 1921

Minute books, accounts ledgers, reports, and ancillary material relating to the creation, administration, and eventual dissolution of Tullamore Union from its establishment in 1839 to the closure of Tullamore Workhouse in August 1921. The main set of records are the minute books of the boards of guardians, comprising 112 volumes from an original set of 128 volumes. Other material is financial in nature, such as the treasurer’s account books and rates returns. No workhouse admission and discharge registers survive, but an important volume entitled Application and Report Book from 1862/1863, provides details of the relief applications for approximately 500 applicants. Other workhouse material is in the form of provisions registers and daybooks, as well as an architectural drawing of alterations to the Infirmary at the workhouse. As the Board of Guardians also oversaw the dispensary districts in the union, there is a set of minute books relating to the five dispensary districts with accompanying district notices in poster form.

Tullamore Union

Account Book of Captain Ambrose Wolseley Cox

  • IE OH OHS25
  • Arquivo
  • 1872

Timber account ledger kept by Captain A. Wolsesly Cox, listing oak trees at Clara House. Information given on location (around the house, 'Deer Park; and 'by the lake'), height, girth, and cubic feet in tree. 1 January - 8 November 1872.

Cox, Ambrose Clement Wolseley

Rental Ledgers of the Cox Estate, Clara

  • IE OCL P44
  • Arquivo
  • 1863-c.1940

Rental ledgers relating to the estate of Col A.C. Wolseley Cox, Clara, King's County. Folios record the rental period, the amount of rent, the poor-rate if chargeable, and the amount paid by cash. The observations column records most of the particulars of lease, and can include details of marriages and deaths of tenants, memorials of leases, and other personal observations on tenants and their character. Map reference numbers are also noted and these may refer to the Map of Clara and Raheen, King's County, estate of Colonel Wolseley Cox (P96) listed below.

Alphabetical surname index at rear of of each volume, although that for Vol.3 is blank. Vol. 3 in general is sparse in details in comparison to the preceding volumes.

Cox, Ambrose Clement Wolseley

Map of Clara and Raheen, King's County, estate of Colonel Wolseley Cox

  • IE OCL P96
  • Arquivo
  • c.1888

Linen-backed map of Clara and Raheen, King's County, the estate of Colonel Wolseley Cox. Hand-coloured and numbered with sites from 1-99, although the key to the sites is not extant.

Scale 220 foot: 1 inch.

Cox, Ambrose Clement Wolseley

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