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  • King's County reverted to County Offaly in 1920.

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  • UF County Offaly
  • UF Co. Offaly
  • UF Uibh Fhaili

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Journal of Tertian’s beadle

Journal of Tertian’s beadle at (Tullabeg and St. Bueno’s, North Wales) which details the comings and goings of the tertianship, timetables (schedule of year), notes. The tertianship was opened at Tullabeg in1911 and transferred to St. Bueno’s, Nor...

Journal of the Brothers Tertianship

Journal of the Brothers Tertianship (1963) ‘The Brothers Tertianship of 1962-63 came to a close today. The first to be held in Ireland, here at Tullabeg, had begun on the 1st October, 1962’ (31 January 1963); ‘Five Brothers arrived in Tullabeg to...

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