Offaly (King's)



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  • King's County reverted to County Offaly in 1920.

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Offaly (King's)

  • UF County Offaly
  • UF Co. Offaly
  • UF Uibh Fhaili
  • UF King's County

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Offaly (King's)

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Clipping, "Died at Woodfield 1842".

Clipping of the obituary of Abraham Fuller, which states, "Died at Woodfield 1842, On May 12th 1842 at Woodfield, Clara, Abraham Fuller, a famous figure of his time and one of the oldest magistrates of the Kingdom died having being for upwards of 64 years in the Commission of the Peace."

Page eleven.

Contains a clipping entitled, "Will of Doctor William Moore" from the Irish Times 1901; four photographs of Maria Blanch Fuller, Sidney Blanch Moore, Charles Bagot, and Samuel Ball and John Bagot; and a letter addressed to Fanny Ann Fuller at her mother's house in Twichenham, Ballycumber, King's County (County Offaly).

Page fifteen.

Letter from Patrick J. Smyth to Abraham Stritch Fuller at Woodfield, Clara, County Offaly, on 15 April 1848, concerning the arrest of William Smith O'Brien, Thomas F. Meagher and John Mitchel for sedition. Informs Fuller that his subscription to the cause will be published in 'The Nation' and the 'United Irishman', and is glad to here that the neighbourhood of Clara is prepared for [rebellion]. Also includes a newspaper clipping concerning a minor "Accident to the Reverend Abraham Fuller".

Page fifty-seven.

Clipping entitled, "Clara Home to One of World's Most Unique Gardens", and contains a photograph of Keith Lamb and Helen Lamb.

Page ten.

Clipping of the obituary of Abraham Fuller (1753-1842); Will of Maria Blanch Fuller; the burial receipt for Maria Blanch Fuller; and notes written by Maria Blanch Fuller at Woodfield from 1839 - 1853.

Pages from the Offaly Independant Newspaper.

Eight pages from the Offaly Independant Newspaper. On page five there is a small announcement marked in pen which reads, "Woodfield House - Mrs Lambe has taken up residence in Woodfield House. Her husband, Doctor Lambe, is a distinguished member of the medical profession in England".

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