Alcoholic beverages



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Alcoholic beverages

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Alcoholic beverages

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Alcoholic beverages

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OCL P29 Lennon Page 40

Popular verse transcribed by 'M.B.C.' [Margaret B. Corcoran] on the subject of public houses:

'Within this hive we're all alive
With Beamish sweet as honey
If you are dry, step up and try
But don't forget the money.'

OCL P29 Lennon Page 41

Popular verse on the subject of public houses, transcribed by 'M.B.C.', [Maggie B. Corcoran].

'The Publican's Alphabet

A is the Alehouse the turnpike to sin
B is the Bottle the liquer is in
C is the Cads in that bar room so merry
D is the Dupes that begins drinking sherry...

....Z is Zig Zag or Drinking Man's Stagger.'

OCL P29 Lennon Page 76

Verses transcribed by Maggie Corcoran on the subject of public houses:

'Bee Hive Public House

It's in this hive we're all alive
Good liqueur makes us funny.
If you be dry step in and try
The flavour of our honey
Your bees are asps, they sting like wasps
Your liqueur is adulterated and anyone that
resorts this house their misery is completed. '

Irish Mist Liqueur Co. Ltd.

This series reflects the Irish Mist Liqueur Company Ltd. under the holdings of the Williams Group Tullamore. The company was concentrating on the production and marketing of its only product, promoted as Ireland's legendary liqueur.
The records include production and account ledgers; one section is dedicated to their export and marketing campaign and other parts contain digital media, photographs, and maps.

Irish Mist Liqueur Company Ltd.

Tullamore DEW

Material relating to the production, marketing and sale of 'Tullamore DEW' whiskey.

Royal Irish Liqueur Co. Ltd.

Marketing material and operation/ accounts ledgers from the Royal Irish Liqueur Co. Ltd., associated as the sister company to the Irish Mist Liqueur Company. Production years from 1973 to ca. 1980

Williams Group Tullamore Ltd.

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