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Wright, John

Author of the 'King's County Directory', which featured the towns and villages of Offaly, as well as short histories detailing local areas and prominent figures.

Wingfield, Sheila, Lady Powerscourt

  • Person
  • 1906-1992

Sheila Beddington was born in 1906 in Hampshire, eldest daughter of Claude Beddington and Frances Ethel Beddington (née Homan Mulock). She married on 28 August 1932, Major the Hon. Mervyn Patrick Wingfield, (1905-1973), great-grandson of the Earl of Leicester and Chief Commissioner for Scouts in Eire. Succeeded his father as 9th Baron Powerscourt, of Powerscourt, Co. Wicklow, and Baron Wingfield, of Wingfield, Co. Wexford. The Baroness was created Chief Commissioner of the Irish Girl Guides. Sheila inherited the estate at Bellair, Offaly from her aunt Hester Nina (Enid) Homan Mulock and sold it in 1963.

Wingfield, Kathleen Patricia

  • Person
  • 10 Mar 1907 - Jul 1998

Kathleen Patricia Cooke-Collis, daughter of Major General William James Norman Cooke-Collis and Cléonice Gamble (1884-1967), was born 10 March 1907 in Dublin, Ireland. She went by the name Patricia before and after her marriage to Tim Wingfield, in June of 1936. Patricia Wingfield died in July of 1998.

Williams, D.E.

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Wine and Spirit Merchant, Barrack Street, Tullamore, county Offaly.

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