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Fuller, Ann

  • Pessoa singular
  • c 1680

Ann Gee was the daughter of John Gee of Gurteen Castle. She married Abraham Fuller of Kinnegad and had seven children: Joseph (b 1698), Abraham, John, Joshua, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Mary.

There is a Fuller family legend about Ann Gee. It claims that she had married a man called Unthank, that she had drawn up a lease changing the life interest she had in the Gurteen lands into a permanent lease: she hurried with the document to Gurteen Castle, where her father lay dying, but he was dead when she arrived. She took up his dead hand and made it go through the motions of signing the lease. This woman’s ghost is supposed to appear to members of the Fuller family before their death.

Fuller, Adam 1782

  • Pessoa singular
  • 28 Feb 1782 - 15 Jun 1858

Adam Fuller of Woodfield, was born 28 February 1782, the second son of Abraham and Catharine Fuller. During his life he became Justice of the Peace and married twice. His first wife was Miss Stokes of Kerry, and they had one daughter Ann, who later married a solicitor in Tullamore. Adam Fuller's married his second wife, Maria Blanch Stritch, daughter of Dr Matthew Stritch of Dublin, at St. Peter’s Church Dublin on 4 December 1817. They had three sons: Joseph Thomas Fuller (b 7 Sep 1818), Captain Adam Henry Fuller (b 24 Oct 1822), and Reverend Abraham Stritch Fuller (b 20 Nov 1826).

Their eldest son Joseph, who was very wild and heavily contributed to the financial troubles of the family, was sent to live in America. In order to generate income, Woodfield House was let out in 1851, and Adam and Maria Blanch Fuller moved to a house in Sandymount, County Dublin. Adam Fuller, Justice of the Peace died on 15 June 1858 at the age of 76.

Fuller, Joseph Thomas 1818

  • Pessoa singular
  • b. 7 Sep 1818

Joseph Thomas Fuller, eldest son of Adam and Maria Blanch Fuller, was born 7 Sep 1818. In his youth he was so wild that he was forbidden to hunt with the county pack, and insisted on keeping his own hounds at Woodfield. His father, Adam Fuller, told him he would have to sell the dogs because they were too expensive to keep. Joseph left the room, and after a short time called his father to the yard, where he had strangled all of the dogs on the railing. It was after this that Adam and Maria Blanch Fuller sent him to live in America.

Fuller, Lizzie

  • Pessoa singular
  • m 1845

Lizzie Hyland married Captain Adam Henry Fuller on 20 August 1845. They lived in Coleraine, King's County (County Offaly), and had five children: Adam Augustus Fuller (13 Jul 1846 - 7 June 1919), Maria Blanch Fuller (b. 18 Oct 1848), Eva Sophia Fuller (b. 28 Jan 1853), Lizzie Helen Fuller, and Adam Henry Fuller (14 Mar 1866 - 1898). In 1866 the family moved to Rockfield, where Adam Henry was born just after his father's death that same year.

Johnston, Maria Blanche Plunkett

  • Pessoa singular
  • 18 Oct 1848 - 10 Apr 1903

Maria Blanche Fuller, eldest daughter of Lizzy and Captain Adam Henry Fuller, was born 18 October 1848. She married Dalkeith Holmes Plunkett-Johnston MD at Clara Church in August 1874. They had two children, Charles Henry (1875-1900), and Constance Charlotte (13 Nov 1876 - 20 Jan 1959). Maria Blanche Plunkett-Johnston died on April 10, 1903 at her uncle Reverend Abraham Stritch Fuller’s house at 24 Leeson Park, Dublin. Her funeral was held the next morning at Mount Jerome Cemetery.

Lamb, John George Dalkeith

  • Pessoa singular
  • 19 Aug 1919 - Jan 2011

John George Dalkeith Lamb, second son of Francis William John Alexander Lamb (1874-1959) and Constance Charlotte Plunkett-Johnston (1876-1959), was born 19 August 1919 at Frascati, Blackrock, County Dublin. On 11 November 1946 he graduated from Trinity College Dublin with his Bachelors in Agricultural Science. On 16 January 1950 he graduated from Trinity College Dublin with his PhD in General Agriculture. Doctor Keith Lamb married Helen Margaret Tobias (1917-2011) on 10 May 1952, at Saint Michan's Church, Dublin. They had one son, Henry Francis Lamb. After the death of his brother Canon Adam Lamb on 19 June 1989, Helen and Keith Lamb moved to Woodfield House, Clara, County Offaly. Keith Lamb died in January 2011, and was buried 1 Feb 2011 at Saint Brigid's Church, Clara, County Offaly.

Johnston, Charles Edward

  • Pessoa singular
  • 17 Feb 1867 - 1931

Charles Edward Johnston, the third child of Charles Bolton Johnston (1802-1830) and Charlotte Jane Shaw (1809-1890), was born in 1832.
He died in 1900.

Charles Johnston, son of William Johnston MP (1829-1902), was born 17 February 1867. He studied Oriental Studies, Sanskrit, Russian, and German. He attended school with William Butler Yeats and George Williams Russell, with whom he founded the Hermetic Society of Dublin on 16 June 1885. He later introduces Yeats to Madame Blavatsky. Charles Johnston went on to join the Theosophical Society, and cofounded the Theosophical Lodge in Dublin in 1886. During his life he was also President of the Irish Literary Society.

On October 1888, Charles Johnston married Vera Vladimirovna de Zhelihovsky (1864-1923), the neice of Helena Blavatsky. He also entered the Indian Civil Service in 1888, and later served in the British Bengal Service.

Charles Johnston died in 1931.

Johnston, Dalkeith Holmes Plunkett

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1 Jan 1851 - 2 Mar 1885

Dalkeith Holmes Plunkett-Johnston, the eighth child of Charles Bolton Johnston (1802–1872) and Charlotte Jane Shaw (1809–1890), was born 1 Jan 1851 at Mount Jerome in Dublin. By the age of six he could recite 23 poems, and was sent to Anglesey Collegiate school. At eleven years old he passed the Oxford Local Examination, and was the youngest of 330 successful candidates to pass with a star opposite their name. From Anglesey he went on to Clifton College. He married Maria Blanche Fuller at Clara Church in August 1874. They had a son named Charles Henry in 1875 who died as an infant, and a daughter named Constance Charlotte, born 13 Nov 1876. Dalkieth Holmes Plunkett-Johnston died 2 March 1885.

Fuller, Esperanza

  • Pessoa singular

Esperanza Viscay married Raphael Gaspar Fuller, the consul for Paraguay in New York. On 8 June 1928 they had a daughter, Dolly.

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