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Tobias, Theodore Cronhelm

  • Personne
  • 7 Apr 1876 - 1959

Theodore Cronhelm Tobias, second son of Matthew Tobias (1840-1921) and Elizabeth Cronhelm (1852-1938), was born 7 April 1876 in Sandymount, County Dublin. He married Eileen Muriel Smith (1886-1984) on 18 October 1913. They had four children: James Matthew Howard Tobias (1914-2000); Helen Margaret Tobias (1917-2011); Eirene Davison Galway Tobias (1919-2015); and Barbara Elizabeth Tobias (1924-1996). Theodore Cronhelm Tobias died in Dublin in the year 1959.

Tobias, Mary Anne

  • Personne
  • 22 Nov 1813 - 11 Jan 1881

Mary Anne Rowe, daughter of Moses Rowe and Sarah Jane Howard, was born 22 November 1813 in County Wexford. She married Reverend James Tobias on 25 March 1834 at Saint Iberius Church in County Wexford. They had eight children: Jane Tobias (1835-1914); Marianne Tobias (b. 1837); Sarah Tobias (1838-1926); Matthew Tobias (1840-1921); Elizabeth Young Tobias (1843-1928); James Tobias (1845-1865); John Duncan Tobias (1851-1878); and Catharine Howard Tobias (1854-1870). Mary Anne Tobias died 11 January 1881 in Belfast, and was buried in Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin.

Crosbie, Richard

  • Personne
  • 1755 - 1824

Richard Crosbie, Second son of Sir Paul Crosbie, 4th Baronet of Maryborough, was born at Crosbie Park, County Wicklow, in 1755. As a boy he attended Trinity College, Dublin. In 1780 he married Charlotte Armstrong of Twickenham. They had two children, Edward Crosbie and Mary Crosbie.

Richard Crosbie often discussed the idea of flight with friends and colleagues prior to the Montgolfier brothers invention of the hot air balloon in 1783. The success of the french brothers inspired Richard Crosbie to create his own means of flight, and was determined to become the first person to cross a sea by crossing the Irish Sea using a hydrogen balloon. He first tested his idea by flying a balloon 12 feet in diameter for multiple days in the Ranelagh Gardens, Dublin. After multiple successful tests of flying animals in his balloon, Richard Crosbie became the first man to fly from Irish soil on 19 July 1785. Unfortunately

Richard Crosbie died in 1824.

Crosbie, Elizabeth

  • Personne
  • c. 1795

Elizabeth 'Eliza' Neville was born in Newry, County Armagh, around the year 1795. She married first to a Mister Usher in 1811, and they had two sons: Sheldon Usher (b. 1811), and Richard Usher. Secondly, Elizabeth married Edward William Crosbie around the year 1821. They had three children: William Crosbie (d. 1860); Elizabeth Ellen Crosbie (b. 1827); and Mary Louisa Crosbie.

Lamb, John

  • Personne
  • b. 1761

Governor for Smithfield Convict Prison from 1790-1831

Kelly, Spencer Litton Hall, Doctor

  • Personne
  • 1 Apr 1859 - 30 Jul 1940

Spencer Litton Hall Kelly, son of Edmund Meares Kelly (1808-1903) and Georgina Eliza Goodwin (1819-1896), was born 1 April 1859. He obtained the degree of LL.D. from Trinity College Dublin, and went on to work for the Solicitor's Department of the Irish Land Comission. around the year. In 1899 he married Frances Sarah Bell (b. 1869), daughter of John Alexander Bell and Frances Sarah Bell. They had two sons: Edmund Alexander Charles Harford Kelly (b. 1900), and John Hubert Thomas Robert Kelly (1903-1989). He retired from the Irish Land Commission in 1929. Doctor Spencer Litton Hall Kelly died 30 July 1940, and was buried at Deansgrange Cemetery in Blackrock, County Dublin.

Parsons, Lois, Countess of Rosse

  • Personne
  • 1882-

Daughter of Sir Cecil Lister-Kaye, 4th Baronet, and Beatrice Adeline Lister-Kaye, she married William, 5th Earl of Rosse in 1905, with whom she had three children, Michael, Bridget and Desmond. Following Lord Rosse's death from injuries sustained in the Great War, she subsequently married Major de Vesci of Abbeyleix. During the war years at Birr Castle she organised a prisoner of war parcel service, mainly for soldiers from the Irish Guards, her husband's regiment.

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