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Kelly, Thomas, General

  • Pessoa singular
  • c.1795

Captain Thomas Kelly of Maddenstown, County Kildare, was appointed Fort Major of Gravesend and Tilbury Fort on 13 January 1814.

Badham, Georgina Emma Alexander

  • Pessoa singular
  • 28 Sep 1866 - 1944

Georgina Emma Alexander Bell, second daughter of Frances Georgina Armstrong (1841-1911) and John Alexander Bell (1866-1944), was born 28 September 1866 in Queensland Australia. She was the granddaughter of Sir Andrew Armstrong, 1st Baronet of Gallen (1754-1827). On 7 Nov 1895 she married Robert Leslie Badham (1859-1989), nephew of Dame Nellie Melba, in Booterstown, Dublin, Ireland. On 22 September 1896, their first child, Emily Frances G. Leslie Badham, was born in Blackrock, County Dublin. On 10 January 1899, their second and final child, Robert Alexander Armstrong Badham, was born. Georgina "Nina" Badham died in Manchester, England in 1944.

Georgina Badham was somehow related to the Lamb Family. There are connections between the Fuller family and both the Bell and Armstrong families during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. On the back of a her framed photograph, she is referred to as Cousin Nina, however it is unclear who wrote this inscription. At present he direct link between Georgina Bell and the Lamb Family of Woodfield house is unclear.

Shaw, Henry

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1818 - 28 Jan 1884

Bell, Grace

  • Pessoa singular

Wingfield, Kathleen Patricia

  • Pessoa singular
  • 10 Mar 1907 - Jul 1998

Kathleen Patricia Cooke-Collis, daughter of Major General William James Norman Cooke-Collis and Cléonice Gamble (1884-1967), was born 10 March 1907 in Dublin, Ireland. She went by the name Patricia before and after her marriage to Tim Wingfield, in June of 1936. Patricia Wingfield died in July of 1998.

Lamb, Sarah

  • Pessoa singular
  • d. 1815

Sarah Duke married Francis Lamb and they had four children.

Layard, Austen Henry

  • Pessoa singular
  • 5 Mar 1817 - 5 Jul 1894

Austen Henry Layard was a Member of Parliament for Soutwark in the House of Commons in 1860.

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