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Behan; Stephen (1891-1967)

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  • 1891-1967

Stephen (christened Francis) Behan (born 26 December 1891 died 1967, was an Irish republican who was father of writers Brendan, Brian and Dominic Behan.

Bell Family

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Edmund Armstrong of Gallen (1754-1827), eldest son of Andrew Armstrong (1730-c.1786) and Constantina Maria Pigot, was born 14 December 1754. On 4 February 1783 he married Elizabeth Trench of Woodlawn, County Galway. From 1785-1800 they had three daughters and five sons. Edmund Armstrong died 12 December 1827, two years after the passing of his wife Constantina.

Sir Andrew Armstrong, 1st Baronet of Gallen (1785-1863), eldest son of Edmund Armstrong of Gallen (1754-1827) and Elizabeth Trench, was born 19 October 1785. On 1 Jan 1835, he married Frances Fullerton (1814-1890). Between the years of 1836 and 1858 they had thirteen children. Sir Andrew Armstrong died in 1863. Frances Fullerton Armstrong died in 1890.

Frances Georgina Armstrong (1841-1911) was the third daughter of Sir Andrew Armstrong, 1st Baronet of Gallen (1785-1863) and Frances Fullerton (1814-1890). On 3 Nov 1864 she married John Alexander Bell (1829-1901), son of Thomas Bell (1798-1872) and Sarah Alexander (1803-1853). They had three children: Frances Sarah Alexander Bell (1865-1947), Georgina Emma Alexander Bell (1866-1944), and Marmaduke Alexander Thomas Bell (1867-1944). John Alexander Bell died on 30 August 1901 in Queensland, Australia. Frances Georgina Bell returned to Dublin, Ireland, where she died in 1911.

Georgina Emma Alexander Bell (1866 -1944), also known as Nina, was the second daughter of Frances Georgina Armstrong (1841-1911) and John Alexander Bell (1866-1944), born 28 September 1866 in Queensland Australia. On 7 Nov 1895 she married Robert Leslie Badham (1859-1989) in Booterstown, Dublin, Ireland. On 22 September 1896, their first child, Emily Frances G. Leslie Badham, was born in Blackrock, County Dublin. On 10 January 1899, their second and final child, Robert Alexander Armstrong Badham, was born. Nina Badham died in Manchester, England in 1944.

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